Photos from State HipHop Magazine - Week 1, 2008

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Photos from State HipHop Magazine - Week 1, 2008

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Merci JFY Wink
Pour l'article joint qui suit apres les photos , il a été traduit du dutch en anglais par forum


At the time of my first album I had money and a record company that paid musicians. Near my second album I was completely alone, blut and the drugs," explains Thicke the difference between 2002 and 2006. And while his debut album A Beautiful World sounds like a great lsd-trip. "Ha ha, that's right. But now there were other drugs in the game." About the more soulvolle approach to the difficulty came successor, The Evolution of Robin Thicke says Thicke: "The first album was more a quest full of musical adventure, in which everything was possible. Especially not on safe play and everything but what we use could combine. Hiphop, rock 'n' roll, classical (Beethoven in-sample When I Get You Alone), soul and pop, and we make a party of it. When the second album, I suddenly all alone and blut. How do I survive on earth? What shall I do for me to feel better, back into myself to believe and how I go my relationship with God, my wife and, simply, the world back to work and how I go back myself believe as I do not see why more? "
Pharrell didnt want to produce tracks for me. He likes my music as it is and want nothing to change.'s Still come from him because I had heard my album interim. Bono also appeared to be, and he was there Pharrell, and I did a track together. that would be crazy, who knew what it could do. Well, as Bono says we must have to work. When we made You Want Love and came perfect. I am very happy. It is the only track that we have done together. "
The success of the album has some time away. It seemed that even as a huge flop Thicke process would get. "That was in itself to be," says the singer. "At a time when the plate came out, I knew already that there is no expensive campaigns against would be thrown. What I was concerned that a long and broad quite depressed so it was not a surprise. First week sold 21,000 units in the plate the week at 10,000. But the subsequent fourteen weeks, the album sold more each week. The only explanation is that people were telling each other how good he is. Christmas With everything came rapidly. Suddenly, I got all the quotes major radio stations and at New Year was The Evolution of Robin Thicke suddenly at number one. Thereafter followed action by Oprah and now we have more than 1.5 million plates sold. "

In the past Robin Thicke regularly wrote songs for other artists, such as Usher, Mary J. Blige and Christina Aguilera. That he does not anymore. "Fortunately not. I do not really like for others to write and produce. Should I ever again be blut I will do it again, but now even. Ush is a good friend of mine and I try something for him to do but it is very difficult to now to find inspiration. I am the last few years has been busy processing my own thoughts and feelings in my songs, that it is now very difficult for me to move in someone else. I suppose I prefer everything themselves, and if there is still something people want, they can still cover it. requests I get from Australia, Romania, Argentina. I think this is much more fun. For my new album, I have now approximately 25 new tracks written. Three, I am very happy and I am still equally busy.

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