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Ukmusic.com Interview 07

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Ukmusic.com Interview 07 Empty Ukmusic.com Interview 07

Message par robinthicke.fr le Jeu 28 Fév - 21:35

Va falloir vous mettre à l'anglais car l'admin est paresseux lol!

Q)How are you finding the UK? What’s the response been like?

A)The response has been amazing! I mean; like the interviews and all the people I have met have loved the album. The crowds been great and it’s been a real blessing, I’ve had a wonderful time doing what I’m doing.

Q)How long have you been here for?

A)I’ve been here on and off for a few months now. I was here in December for the John Legend tour and now I’ve been here on and off for the past few weeks.

Q)How is it different from the states?

A)Well over here it’s still kinda fresh. There is a lot of discovery happening now which is always pleasurable to hear. It’s fun to be here while people are finding out about me for the first time.

Q)Start by talking about your early influences and I believe that both your parents were in the entertainment industry. Did this have a big impact on you? What was it like growing up in such a talented house?

A)It was inspirational to see people achieving their goals and doing so well at what they were doing in the house. But also they were very busy and had very busy schedules, so I ended up spending more time alone then most other children. But besides that they were an inspiration to me and I loved having them around.

Q)You have done some acting and weren’t you in the Wonder years.

A)I was terrible! I was just a boy on the street and a guy at the water fountain. I was never any good at it, they just told me I could make $500 and I was like oooh 500 dollars and for a 13-year-old, that’s a lot of money.

Q)Did you meet Winnie?

A)Yes I did. It was pretty cool but growing up in Hollywood I knew all those kids.

Q)What’s it like being compared to people like Stevie Wonder and Marvin Gaye? Have they and other old skool artists influenced you?

A)Well those are some of my favourite artist of all time, so too be anywhere near them is quite an honour. The music from the sixties and seventies has had the most influence on the way I sing and write. Even though hip-hop has influenced my lifestyle, culture and everything since I was a kid. But soul and rock music from the sixties and seventies is what inspires me most.

Q)What was it like working with artist like Brandy and Brian McKnight at such a young age?

A)It was amazing. I was sixteen and I was writing, producing, had a record deal and was singing on my own album. I also had money in the bank and I was a pretty cocky know-it-all kid. Then you fall on your face a few times and you learn a little prospective which makes you appreciate the opportunity of doing the thing that you love to do.

Q)Was it crazy being in that environment?

A)I didn’t know anything else so it wasn’t crazy to me, it was just the life I knew. It is crazier when you spend your life not around something and then it happens to you. I mean growing up in Hollywood and being around sets, studios, stars and producers and all that kind of stuff meant it was just the life I knew. In the same way if you grew up in a house full of cops or a house full of lawyers you would probably know more about law then the kid down the street who’s dad is a plumber.

Q)What is your writing process like when you put pen to paper?

A)Well most of the time it comes from inspiration and most of my songs I write I 15-20 minutes because I have an intention. Sometimes I might just be sitting around and I’ll play with the piano or whatever, but most of the time I have something that sparks me and I go and I sit down and I knock it out.

Q)Some people when the write like to do a little everyday, do you just write when you’re inspired?

A)No I write everyday because I love it and I love to try. I love writing bad songs; I don’t care because I just love to write. I love to try and stretch my mind and come up with something special and magical. You can just get lucky and touch on something special and that just makes your whole month (laughs.

Q)Which do you prefer- writing, producing, singing or are they all the same thing to you?

A)It’s all the same thing too me because I would be a musician if I didn’t have a voice I would play an instrument. If I didn’t play an instrument I would write lyrics. If I couldn’t write lyrics I would produce a song (Laughs).

Q)Do you listen to any music from the UK like Indy or grime music?

A)I really like the stuff coming out of the UK because there is always something new and the lines are a little more blurred and you can take more chances out here because it’s not as formulaic and I like that. But you guys have some really poppy pop music though! (Laughs) Sometimes I’ll be listening in the in states and I’m like they’ve got Artic Monkeys, Radiohead and Amy Winehouse and all that cool stuff, but you’ll be playing some corny stuff out here but they have cheesy stuff everywhere I suppose.

Anytime there are some real opinions that musician’s share I prefer that along with the songwriters who write their own songs, although if someone came to me with a great song and presented it to me and I thought it was incredible I would sing it. But I always seem to connect more with artist who are speaking about there own lives.

Q)Did the success of Lost Without U” surprise you?

A)Well no because I’ve been hoping my music would be that popular for a long time and it didn’t surprise me because I have high expectations for myself and although I’m very appreciative and I’m very thankful, it makes me want to keep challenging myself to make better music.

Q)What has been your seminal moment to date?

A)One very special moment that got me really chocked up was when I was on my way to a surprise birthday party for Pharrell, well at least I though and I walked into the restaurant and it turns out it was a surprise party for me celebrating my platinum track in the U.S and I had my friends, my manager, my mentors, Pharrell, Jay-Z, Puffy, my wife and all these people there to celebrate an achievement for me that I’ve been working at for 14 years and that was a pretty special moment.

Q)What’s it like having someone like Pharrell in your corner and being able to do collaborations with him and other artist?

A)It’s a blessing but I’ve been making music and been lucky enough to be on great albums for the last 14 years. But to be with someone like Pharrell is like having a big bodyguard standing behind you (laughs). Like you mess with me you got to mess him.

Q)What are your plans for the future and have you got any news on the release of your next album?

A)I’m half way though the next album, but I’m involved with over a hundred songs and I’m always writing because I love to write, it’s my hobby. If I get a day off the first thing I do is go and write more songs, so it’s just what I love to do. I’m also going to be on tour all summer long with Beyonce in the states and then I’m going to be doing a lot of charity work and I want to get involved with Barack Obama and some of his campaign trail because I really believe in him and him changing America.

Q)What’s the most useful tip you’ would give to an aspiring musician?

A)Do it because you love it, don’t do it for the results, don’t do it for the celebrity, do it because you love to make music and nobody can ever hurt you.

Q)Thanks for speaking to UKMusic.com Robin.

A)I appreciate the opportunity thank you. [b]

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