The Prince of All Media Sessions– Robin Thicke Interview

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The Prince of All Media Sessions– Robin Thicke Interview Empty The Prince of All Media Sessions– Robin Thicke Interview

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Merci à JFY Wink – Robin Thicke Interview (06.27.08)


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PRINCE OF ALL MEDIA: What’s going on Robin Thicke?

ROBIN THICKE: Hello, how are you?

POAM: I’m doing good. I just have a couple questions for you.

RT: Okay.

POAM: The first couple questions are straight from your fans. So let me go ahead and start with those. The first one comes from Elizabeth in Chicago. She basically wanted to know what’s the message your trying to convey with your new album SOMETHING ELSE?

RT: Well, I try not to be a preacher – you know, I’m an artist and I just try to express what I’m going through and hope to connect with the people. But besides that, I think the purpose when I listen back to what I was expressing is really just about how we all have greatness in us and how we all have beauty in us. And that I’m just trying to share that emotionally and hopefully it all comes out through the songs.

POAM: Alright, our next question comes from Dottie from Baltimore. She wanted to know your creative process – how do you combine lyrics with melodies, and is there any other genres you’d like to incorporate in your music that you have not tried?

RT: Yeah, I’m always trying to mix it up and I try not to repeat myself. And on this album we brought in some of the greatest horn and string players in the world, Michael Jackson’s OFF THE WALL and THRILLER records. You know, I was working with my band on the road for two years, so we had such a chemistry so we took that into the studio. So it’s a different kind of a sound on this album. It represents more of the live shows that we were putting on and the energy we had from those live shows. And also we incorporated a little Jimmy Hendrix, a little Rolling Stones, and a little Earth, Wind & Fire into our sound.

POAM: The next question I have is from Renae – she just says she’s from Maryland. She wanted to know when are you going on tour to promote SOMETHING ELSE – and basically will you have the same type of smaller venue type performances on your next tour?

RT: Yeah, we’re gonna start before the album comes out. We’re gonna hit the smaller venues and not charge people very much because we really just want to get people to hear the music and give them the best night that we can, you know? And then later on in the year, beginning of the year we’re gonna hit up bigger venues but first we got to get some people in for sponsorship.

POAM: Alright, now I just have a couple other questions for you. Who have been some of your musical influences throughout your career? Are there any that are out now that you could say are like your competitors like the Ushers, Justins, Trey Songz?

RT: Lil’ Wayne has always been great influence because he’s always pushing the envelope and he’s so versatile, you know which is what I like about music – that there is no boundaries. So I think Lil’ Wayne is very inspiring right now.

POAM: That’s what’s up. So with the last two albums, your fashion kind of changed. What can fans expect Robin Thicke’s fashion or expect Robin Thicke to be rockin’ this album?

RT: Oh, you know we’re bringing some of the old Michael Jackson – SMOOTH CRIMINAL, Fred Astaire type stuff back! {Laughs} And you know, besides that always black! {Laughs}

POAM: That’s what’s up, That’s what’s up.

RT: I always wear black! {Laughs}

POAM: Besides your music, what other business ventures can fans expect to see you tied in. Like I know a lot of other musical artists do the acting thing, they do the clothing line, restaurants.

RT: Like, every time I think that I might be able to act, you know my wife reminds me how bad I am because she’s so talented. {Laughs} I mean it’s like her trying to be a singer, you know what I mean?

POAM: Yeah.

RT: And then I start thinking, “okay, I won’t try this any more.” But so, yeah! But what I love to do is write, I always writing. I jus got finished writing a screen play, and I’ve written a novel – you know I always try to do something with writing. Besides that I just do the music.

POAM: That’s what’s up, and I have one last question for you. What’s the actual album release date, if there is any and will I be getting an autographed copy?

RT: The album release date is September 9th and you should be getting your autographed copy real soon. Which city are you in?

POAM: Well actually I’ll be in New York as of August 1st, but right now Atlanta.

RT: You know, we’ll be having album listening parties and we’re definitely inviting everybody so you’ll have to stop through.

POAM: Well that’s what’s up Robin. I appreciate you taking the time to do the interview. Shout out to Amina at ThinkTank and we’ll be looking forward to the album.

RT: Thanks man!

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