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Loverman Lyrics

Message par le Ven 17 Oct - 18:58


I wanna use my hands on your body
I wanna explore your rivers and your valley
From the top of your mountain to the depths of your seas
I wanna fuel the fire inside of me

I’m your loverman diggin’ as deep as I can
I’m your loverman and I travel I travel
I’m your loverman goin’ as far as I can
I’m your loverman and I travel I travel

I wanna look in your eyes
Past the mask U hide behind
I wanna know all of U
What makes U smile what makes U blue

You know I wanna please U take U so high
Forget that U can’t fly

We’re just spaceships in the night
We’re rippin’ the clothes off of the past
Makin’ a new path and a brand new day baby
Come with me I’ll take U away

Je t’aime mi amore je t’aime amore
Je t’aime mi amore je t’aime mi amore

From the garden in Versailles
To the desert in Dubai
From the top of the great wall
We can touch the sky


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