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"Start With a Kiss" Lyrics Empty "Start With a Kiss" Lyrics

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Start With a kiss
It starts with a kiss.
Private clubs. Role playing. Voyeurism.
Tickle me. I like to watch.
Pinch me. Tickle me.
Worship me, worship me
It begins with kissing. It starts with a kiss.
One, kiss me, kiss me. Wouu ouu ouu
Two, seduce me, seduce me. Ouu ouu baby
Three, tease me. Oh oh
Four, uhuhu, worship me, worship me
Five, tie me up, tie me down, tie me down
Six, sixty-nine, sixty-nine
Seven, role play with me.
Eight, in a chair, on the stairs, on the stairs
Nine, beg for it. Yeaahhhhhhh
Ten, make me beg for it, make me beg for it
Ouu Ouu Ouu Ouu
Tickle me. Ouu Ouu Ouu Ouu
Tease me. Fondle me.
I’ll be the doctor, you be the nurse
Hotel rooms
I can go seconds, you can go first.
What I describe to do with her
You just can’t miss.
No matter what you do it starts with a
Blindfold me.
It starts with a kiss.


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